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Crescent Yoga Studio is a Welcoming Place

Yoga has been around for thousands of years. It's been practiced in spiritual settings as a form of meditation, incorporated into gym classes, done on mountain sides and even in the space of your own home. In recent years, yoga has become a favorite pastime in the United States and around the world, but you don't need to develop a yogi lifestyle to enjoy the many benefits of the practice. For those who are new to this spiritual and physical practice, there are several things you should know about your first yoga class.

Experience Your First Yoga Class

The most important thing you need to know about a yoga class at is that you are welcome. As a rule, yoga is a practice that is both inclusive and inviting, and this is certainly the case at your hometown studio. As you enter your first class, expect classmates to say hello and expect your instructor to welcome you with open arms.

This positive attitude should relieve some of the anxiety around your first CYS yoga class, but as the class progresses there are a few things you can do to return the courtesy and help to encourage the same positive atmosphere:

  • Arrive to class at least 5-10 minutes early to Sign In and settle quietly into your spot. We value your time and try to start/ end classes in a punctual manner. For safety, the door will be locked 5-10 minutes after class starts.
  • Don't eat a big meal before a yoga class. Do come hydrated, especially to power classes. No chewing gum or candy in class, it's distracting and a choking hazard.
  • Don't bring your phone to the mat. Leave your cell phone turned off or on silent and in the cubbie/changing room area or even in your car. Yoga is a serene and spiritual practice. Don't bring the outside world in with you. Give others in your class the chance for the relaxation and meditation they are seeking.
  • Don't wear your shoes into the yoga area, leave them in the cubbies with your other belongings.
  • Respect other student's personal space, don't step or walk on someone else's mat.
  • Wear something comfortable and appropriate. Some hot yoga classes encourage shorts or leggings and sports bras. Classic and Vinyasa yoga often encourages more loose fitting and comfortable yoga clothing. Wear something that you can move and bend in freely and that won't make a lot of noise as you shift from one pose to another. - No heavy perfumes/lotions.
  • No chatting during class. In some fitness classes or gyms, giggling in the back of the class with a friend is totally fine. In yoga, that isn't the case. In addition to being a form of fitness it is a method of stress management. Give others in the class the chance to relax and engage in meditation during the class. There is plenty of time to socialize/shop before and after class fostering friendships & community. 
  • Don't leave before Savasana, final relaxation is the best part of class.  This is where all the health benefits from your practice have a chance to settle into your body/mind/spirit to take hold, absorbing all the healing qualities of the postures.  This is also very distracting for the other students in the class who are trying to enjoy this quiet time.  If you must leave, please inform the instructor before class and position your mat by the door to quietly slip out. Do NOT make this a habit - it is highly discouraged to leave before class is over.
  • Do leave the yoga area tidy after classes by replacing your yoga props and mats neatly as you found them. If borrowing a studio mat, please clean it before returning it to the front desk. 

Let your instructor know that this is your first time, and invite them to adjust your poses as needed during the class. If you are still nervous, go ahead and take a spot in the back of the class. As your instructor announces the next pose, wait half a second and watch for others to enter into the pose. You can always follow the lead of more advanced members of the class until you feel more confident.

If at any point you are feeling overwhelmed, take a moment to yourself and enter a resting pose, like child's pose or heroes pose. This will give you a chance to relax your muscles and reset your mind so you can start again and enjoy the spiritual and physical benefits of the practice.  

For more information please see this article from our Newsletter Library: Yoga Etiquette Tips

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