Yoga on a Budget

Image of a woman doing yoga with a stap.

If your budget is tight, it's often the little extras that are the first to go. Cutting out yoga in addition to your daily latte fix may seem like a good idea, but regular yoga sessions help keep you fit and healthy. Luckily, you don't have to sacrifice your yoga practice when you follow these money-saving suggestions.

Look for Discounts

Are you an expert on saving money on clothing and household products? Why not use your ability to find a good deal to decrease the cost of yoga classes? Sometimes you can score a lower rate if you enroll for a block of classes or if you participate in a seasonal promotion. It also does not hurt to ask if your studio will offer a deal if you bring a friend who signs up for classes.

Forget the Bells and Whistles

It's nice to practice yoga in a beautiful studio that offers steam showers and organic drinks, but an attractive environment isn't a necessity. That Zen-like space doesn't come cheap. Unfortunately, the cost to transform an old warehouse or store into an elegant studio will be reflected in higher class fees. Consider smaller studios in more basic digs, as long as the studio offers the classes you need.

Cut Your Clothing Budget

Reducing the amount of money you spend on yoga clothing can add dollars to your class budget. There's no reason you actually have to wear yoga clothes to perform yoga. Any comfortable type of clothing that allows you to move freely will work, even if it isn't particularly stylish. If you consider yoga clothing a necessity, wait for sales or buy lower-priced clearance and discontinued items.

Make Your Own Props

Yoga props help you deepen stretches and perform difficult poses more easily. Luckily, you don't need to spend money on props if you're experiencing a budget crunch. In fact, many items you already own can be transformed into makeshift props. A stack of books can take the place of a yoga block, while a rolled up towel can be an effective substitute for a bolster. Need a strap? Pull a belt from your closet, or use the soft belt from your bathrobe.

Consider Online Classes

Online yoga classes are often less expensive than studio classes, although you may miss the interaction with the instructor and the other students. is a good choice for yoga videos. A simple search for "yoga" will bring up hundreds of instructional videos geared to all levels. Although online classes offer an excellent, cost-effective way to practice yoga, they may not be the best choice if you're new to yoga. Working with an instructor will help you ensure that you're performing poses correctly and not risking injury due to improper techniques.

Are you looking for yoga classes that don't break your budget? Our classes are realistically priced and offer the opportunity to practice yoga in a friendly, comfortable environment. Call us today to enroll.


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